Shoulder flexion with control from scapular retractors

Active shoulder mobility with added control from scapular retractors.

  • standing upright, with elbows bent, hands near the upper chest, either grasp two ends of a resistance band OR place your wrists in a mini-band loop
  • without hiking your shoulders upwards, keep the chest “open” or wide, retract or pull the scapulae (shoulder blades) back
  • maintain the tension in the band throughout the exercise
  • slowly extend your arms out so your hands end up in front of your body, maintaining the band tension, then slowly return to the starting position
  • focus on maintaining a neutral spinal posture throughout and keep your scapulae well connected to your thorax, ie: avoid “winging”
  • repeat as needed
  • Can modify the exercise by adjusting angle to which you are extending your arms, with care taken to only work within the manageable range